Caveman Q

Ted, aka the Caveman, always enjoyed being around the water. In 1990 he purchased some land on Lake Hickory with future intentions of building a home there.  But by 1996 the Caveman found himself living with 3 women; his wife and two daughters who had become teenagers!  According to the Caveman "When the moon, stars and hormones lined up, no man could stand to be in my house on a Saturday."  Having a Man Cave became essential!  With the help of a few close friends, the Caveman set upon a mission to build a small shack on his lake property.  From that point on, the Caveman, along with friends would spend Saturdays & Sundays at the Cave watching ballgames and races, and telling stories.  As the years passed even his grandkids would learn to call the place "Pawpaw's Cave".
    Another lifelong passion of Ted's is cooking.   He especially enjoyed wood smoking meats and barbeque cooking.  Often at the Cave he would cook & entertain small & large groups of family & friends.  His barbeque became known as "Caveman Q".  
    We take great pride in serving traditional Lexington Style, wood smoked barbeque.  We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience.
The Story of Caveman Q


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